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TEMKO plays (with)
Terry Riley’s ‘Shri Camel’

TEMKO brings everything that suits Terry Riley’s personal universe of sound, without a synthesizer. With tuned marble, stone and wood they bring this digital hallmark alive... analog.

Terry Riley's Shri Camel

After the succes of Rainbow in Curved Air, Terry Riley fans had to wait for over 11 years before Shri Camel was released. An incredible reoccurrence of virtuosic keyboard parts but with a special feature - just intonation. An answer on one of the many technological developments of the ’70’s: the programmable synthesizer. Shri Camel is hardly ever performed by anyone other than Terry Riley and - because of the tuning - never before on instruments like guitar, bass and vibraphone.

"It's an honour to have TEMKO work on Shri Camel"
Terry Riley

Building new instruments 

Every single improvised note is unraveled, written out and rearranged for a unheard ensemble consisting of newly developed instruments for this piece. Adams Musical Instruments built a special vibraphone in just intonation tuning for the piece. Aart has build the just intonation guitars for Fred and himself. Quite a challenge as the keys of the vibraphone are shortened or lengthened and the frets of the guitars are moved...

Tuned marble, stone and wood bring this digital hallmark alive... analog.

*This project is powered by the generous support of kunstloc brabant, Performing Arts Fund NL and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.